Bathroom Design Ideas

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After a long hard day at work, the one thing you wanted the most is a nice relaxing bath. However, if your bathroom is old and mouldy or has dripping taps and peeling paint, it’s hard to relax. If this is something you’re experiencing then maybe it’s time for a renovation. Designing a perfect bathroom is an art which reflects your taste and personality. It must have a welcoming feeling, which comes from the ornaments, colours, tiles and all the different features therein. The bathroom designing reflects the overall mood of the place. For example, a dark bathroom will feel much smaller and quite dark, even when lit properly. On the other hand, a well-lit bathroom, will some colourful hues such as a painting, rug or a vibrant feature wall, will make the place feel much more positive. There are a lot of options available when it comes to designing a perfect bathroom. And there are also a lot of elements that need your consideration once you have planned to do a renovation. You will need to consider every aspect of your bathroom makeover from planning, implementation and decoration. There are several things to consider for that small space that your bathroom covers, from the colour scheme to sanitary fittings, tiles, shower, sink and toilet design and plenty of others. But these things are easy to plan and implement when you have proper advice and guidance. Whether you are looking to redecorate a shower room, an en suite, powder room or a master bathroom, this elaborative guide will help you to plan and implement when bathroom designing. We have got you covered whether you are looking for designing ideas, inspiration or practical ideas. Even if you are unsure of what design you want or what will look ideal in the space you have, these expert tips and ideas will give inspiration on how to make rebuild a bathroom of your dream.

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In this article you will find: • How to Plan Your Dream Bathroom10 Most Popular Bathroom DesignsSpace Saving Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms Some More Unique Bathroom IdeasBudget-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

How to Plan Your Dream Bathroom

When it comes to planning your dream bathroom, you’ll need a good idea of what it is you’re looking for. You’ll have lots of wants and needs to make sure the room not only looks good for you, but it’s also functional for your lifestyle. We’ll help you to understand what it is that you’re looking for and how to make it happen. We’ve seen lots of different bathrooms and gained a great idea of how they function, what sort of person they suit and how to make the design truly come to life. See some of our useful tips below! Understand Your Bathroom Usage To get the perfect bathroom for you, it needs to work for your household. It’s best to understand how you’ll use the bathroom to make sure it’s properly designed to work for you, as well as looking amazing. If it’s not going to suit your lifestyle, it can’t fulfil your dream! Ask yourself, who lives in your home? Is it a family home with lots of people using the bathroom, or is it just you? Is the bathroom commonly used? These are a few questions to get a good idea of how utilised the bathroom will be to make sure that it works for you. Understand How The Bathroom Functions Once you know how often the bathroom is used, you’ll need to think about how it’s used. Is it commonly used for baths or showers, or is it more used as a loo? This will help you not only understand the different features you’ll need to include, but it will also allow you to understand how the layout should be. As an example, if the bathroom is mainly used for brushing teeth in the morning before school, then perhaps you’ll want to consider having two sinks. This is a great way of adding extra capacity to the bathroom. You may even wish to break the room into two, having the sinks separated from the bathroom with the bath, shower and toilet. This will mean that the two sinks can be used at once, whilst someone is using the other facilities! Think About The Design This is the exciting bit! When you’re planning your dream bathroom, think about the design that you’re going to have. What sort of colour scheme will you use, how will you lay the room out… All of these questions are the ones that need answering. The easiest way to do this is to start with the layout of the room. Think about how things are going to be laid out and how they’ll fit in the room. If it’s a small room, perhaps consider some space-saving that you can use (more on that below!). If you’re unsure, or you’d like some professional advice, many companies will be happy to help you measure the room up and help you to get the layout of the room you’re looking for. Once you’ve got an idea of how you’d like it to be laid out, think about how you’d like the room to look. Are you wanting a more modern look and feel, or is an older, more traditional look more your sort of style? This is where you can get creative and add your flair to the room. If you’re unsure of what design suits you best, take a look through some examples that we’ve included below in this article. This will help you to get an idea of a range of different bathroom designs to help you find one that suits you! Remember, you can combine styles and features to suit you. It’s your bathroom after all! Think About The Space This is one of the things you need to consider when looking for ideas when bathroom designing. Bigger and bulkier items, for example, will look unfit and shabby in a small bathroom. Whereas, a big bathroom will look empty if there are only a few items around the corners and the massive space is left unfilled. Small fixtures also look unfit in big bathrooms. If you have space, utilise it as much as you can to make your bathroom look lavish and comfortable.

10 Most Popular Bathroom Designs

We have gathered for you a list of the top 10 most popular bathroom to help you make a decision. Let’s get started with some trending bathroom designs to choose from! 1 In-Vogue Bathroom Design A simple yet trendy bathroom styling is the main ideal of an In-Vogue bathroom. In these types of bathrooms, a lot of attention is given to the small details such as the door handles and finishing stylings like countertops and flooring. The main idea behind this style is; less is more. The main focus is to have a clutter-free space with the minimum amount of decoration, which is high-quality and unique so that is not needed. Colours to Use: A mixture of dark and light colours is used together to make a simple looking bathroom appealing and modern. A polished hardwood finishing is one of the popular styles of this design of the bathroom. Who Will it Suit? Due to its simple design, it will be ideal for families, also families with small children. 2 Assorted Bathroom Design These bathroom designs are a mixture of different styles. The name comes because these types of bathroom designs do not fit into any one category of bathroom designs such as modern, contemporary, traditional or rustic etc. Different types of textures and finishing are used to make them look innovative and unique. Colours to Use: Out of ordinary colour schemes are a defining feature of this style. For example, yellow walls with a flowery pattern with a black and white tiling on the floor. Who Will it Suit? This style suits those who are looking for extraordinary changes to their bathroom and are happy to do an experiment and have fun! 3 Victorian Bathroom Design This style feature lots of designing and decorative material in every aspect. For example, you can expect jewel-adorned tiles, gold trim walls, pedestal freestanding bathtub with clawfoot and sink etc. The overall look is gothic and old-fashioned yet beautiful. The doorknobs and rugs are decorative and even the wood is of different colours. Colours to Choose: White is the main colour in this design with a focus on porcelain furnishing. To give a perfect finish to this look, lace curtains and stylish mirrors would be ideal. In this design, there is a lot of margin for experimenting with colours. So, if you are a daring one, you can go for dark and rustic colours which will complement the look. Who Will it Suit? As this design involves a lot of decorative material, this is mainly suited to sole users or couples. It might not be an ideal family bathroom. 4 Conventional Bathroom Design The main features of traditional or conventional bathrooms are practicality and cosiness. Glass, tiles and marble decoration sport this style of bathroom design. These bathrooms usually have a neutral and complementing colour combination to make them appealing and comfortable. Colours to Choose: Traditional and classic colour schemes are used, for example, classic blue and white walls with a patterned floor. Who Will it Suit? Due to its practical design, this style will suit anyone from large families to couples or even if you live on your own.

5 Industrial Bathroom Design This design has gained popularity in recent years. Just like modern bathroom style, this style also sports minimal use of decoration. White accents of wall mixed complementing with wood and marble countertops are the defining elements of this design. Exposed brickwork, weathered surfaces and repurposed furniture are some of the key elements of this design. Colours to Choose: Bold and vibrant colours, contrasting scheme and cool yet simple overall finish is the highlight of this design. Who Will it Suit? Due to its durable and high-quality design, this style will suit anyone such as large families with children. 6 Coastal Bathroom Design In this style, design ideas are inspired and taken from beaches and oceans and its surroundings. Cool and soothing colours such as aqua and blue are used to give a relaxing feel. Sea-shells, jute and ocean-themed decorations are used to complement the seaside theme. Colours to Choose: Fresh white with passive hues of watery blue and green are used to give a fresh and welcoming feel. Who Will it Suit? This design will mainly complement those who usually have less traffic in the bathroom such as couples or sole individuals. Or, if you have a main family bathroom and are looking for an en suite, where only you or your partner will use it, then it can be a great choice. 7 Terrene Bathroom Design The overall look of this bathroom design is comfortable, relaxing and homely. This design incorporates marble or glass mosaic designs. The texture, lighting and overall details are inspired by European and Greek hint of styling. Colours to Choose: This style complements warm colours such as terracotta and carmine. Rich detailing along with bold contrast of colours is the main feature of this design. For example, natural coloured tile contrasted with a dark coloured wood finish. Who Will it Suit? This design will suit anyone looking for some experimental changes and a bit of innovation in the bathroom style. The design will suit anyone from a single user to a family bathroom. 8 21st-Century Bathroom Design The most defining feature of the 21st-century style bathroom is the straight lines. It is shown in all the main components of the bathroom like the countertops, shower and sink and even the decoration. This style of bathroom is simple yet bold. A clutter-free and clean design is the ideal behind modern bathrooms. High-quality materials are used such as porcelain or marble. Colours to Choose: A simple design combined with some colourful hues and the addition of greenery like a small plant is what makes it special. The overall colour scheme can be neutral or light colours which a touch of bright colours to add brightness to the room. Who Will it Suit? This design will suit small as well as big families with children.

9 Oriental Bathroom Design Oriental style bathrooms mostly have open space or ventilation and light. Fresh plants are the main feature of this style to add contrast and burst of colour and freshness to the room. Colours to Choose: Main colours in Oriental style bathrooms are a beige, light brown and cream colour. Wood or marble tile flooring are mostly used in these bathrooms. Who will it Suit? Due to its open and simple design, this bathroom style is ideal to be the main family bathroom. 10 Farmhouse Bathroom Design This is one of the most popular designs nowadays. There are plenty of unique combinations to choose from for this style of bathroom designing. For example, you can have a combo of rustic and country, with a touch of modern style. Some of the highlighting elements of this style are sliding doors which resemble barn doors, high ceilings with open sunbeams for better lighting, polished wood surfaces and glass details. Lots of wood, rustic charm and thick and exposed finishing gives this style an imaginative look. Colours to Choose: The main colours in this type of bathroom design are rustic or wood colours. The colours are mainly bold and dark such as orange and brown. Who Will it Suit? This is an ideal design for those daring for a new change. This will complement couples looking for an en suite design or sole users.

Space Saving Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms

The good thing about most of these designs is you don’t need a lot of space to have a bathroom of your dream, where you can relax and unwind. However, in some houses, the room is much smaller which means you’ll need some planning and ideas on how to utilize the space as much as possible. The two most important things in the bathroom are its design and functionality. A good design will help you to relax and make the bathroom look nicer and appealing. On the other hand, it must also serve the purpose it is built for, so functionality is also a must. A good bathroom will serve the purpose when everything is in the proper place and is following the size of the room. Here are some tips on how to make a small room a space-saving yet smart-looking one, without looking overly full or messy. Make Smart Choices Once you have made your plans and decided what to need to do to make your bathroom more spacious, you will need to do some shopping to implement your plans. And this is where you need to make a smart choice. For example, when buying something, bear in mind if that item will fit into your bathroom and how it will look. Choose something that can fit into your bathroom nicely, rather than something you wish you could have in your bathroom. Have Two Smalls Rather Than One Big Item Another useful idea is to have two smaller items rather than one big bulky item that doesn’t quite fit in a small space. For example, you can have two small bathroom cabinets rather than a big sized one. You cannot redo your bathroom every year, so make sure you make wise choices. Keep it Organised Keep your bathroom clutter-free, this is especially important if you have a tiny bathroom. The reason being if you have clutter lying around in the bathroom, it will make it appear even smaller and congested. This can be done by using the storage space wisely and to their maximum storage. For smaller bathrooms, use wall hanging or smaller racks and shelves. Bathroom sink with pedestal is also a good idea for space-saving. Use of Glass and Reflective Surfaces Even in a small bathroom, having a separate enclosure for a bath or shower will give the illusion of a bigger space. It also makes the bath and shower area more private as it becomes separate from the rest of the bathroom. Frosted glass can also be used for privacy during use. Choice of Colour Scheme For smaller bathrooms, it is a wise idea to use light and reflective colours to make the space look more open and ventilated. Allow natural light and fresh air in through the window when you can. White is the colour that makes the room looks bigger, however, it can be combined with other complementing colours such as Magnolia, cream or latte. Less is More Smaller spaces tend to look busier and can get swamped up easily even if you have only a few things in sight. A good way to keep your bathroom tidy is to have less decorative items, not too many patterns or fancy fixtures as it may make the area look gaudy rather than beautiful. A simple and tidy bathroom will look more appealing than one with lots of decorations. Choosing A Mirror Choosing a mirror can be tricky. You need to go for one that makes your bathroom look more spacious and create more light in the room. The choice of the design and size of the bathroom is also important and the one that suits the overall layout and size of the room must be selected. Choosing Floor Tiles For small bathrooms, having large tiles is a wiser idea than small ones. Small tiles give the impression of busyness and are hard on the eyes. Small tiles in a small and tight bathroom will make it appear cluttered and even tighter. Large tiles with smooth appearance will, on the other hand, make the bathroom look tidier. The main reason behind this idea is to give the bathroom one smooth layout rather than having it in lots of breaks. Have a Feature or Main Element Having a main feature in the bathroom that becomes the first eye-catching element gives your bathroom more character and elegance. It could be a feature wall or a mosaic design on one of the walls, often a shower wall. Or it could be a free-standing bathtub which becomes the focal point and centrepiece of the room. This feature gives the bathroom a focal point that enhances the overall look without making it look too clouded. Wall Hung Toilet This idea has become very popular recently. A wall hung toilet gives the impression of more floor space in the bathroom. This also gives your bathroom a trendy and unique feature which is also space-saving. There are several options available for wall-hung toilets and you can choose any one of your choices. Mirrored Cabinets It’s a 2-in-1 space-saving solution especially if your bathroom is so small that you cannot have a mirror on its own. A mirror is an important element in every bathroom and this space-saving solution will give you a storage space plus the added advantage of having a mirror. There are lots of choices available for wall hung mirrored bathroom cabinets to choose from. Toilet With Integrated Basin This is the ultimate solution if you have minimal space in your bathroom. You can have a single unit toilet and basin where these two are combined to save a lot of space in the bathroom. This is especially ideal for cloakrooms and en suites where space is limited. Shower Suites Having a shower suite rather than a bathtub is another way of saving space in a small bathroom. Imagine having a big bulky bathtub in a tiny bathroom there will be no space for anything else there! A small corner suite or a quadrant shower enclosure is a smart choice for such bathrooms where space is limited. There are lots of choices available in terms of size, style, colour, design and cost. Corner Vanity Unit There are several items that we store in our bathrooms such as towels, toiletries and accessories. So, it is important to store them nicely to avoid clutter. Corner vanity units are a smart choice for storing such items as it utilises the space that would otherwise be wasted. It is a good choice for cloakrooms or en suites.

Some More Unique Bathroom Ideas

Here are a few more unique ideas to make your bathroom more desirable for you! His and Her Sink Having two sinks rather than one is a unique idea which is also time-saving. When you are rushing around in the morning and have less time on your hands, having two sinks in one bathroom will save time as two people can use it at one time. It also adds a unique feature and adds to the character of your bathroom. Freestanding Bathtub If the room has space, having a freestanding bathtub gives your bathroom a stylish and luxurious look. It adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom as it becomes the centrepiece of the bathroom. Nowadays, there a lot of choices available, as it comes in different sizes and shapes such as angular and square and traditional oval shape. Brick Wall Brick walls are an ideal decoration for bathrooms, it adds an industrial touch and makes the space look cosier. They are easy to maintain as they don’t gather mould and scale easily. This is perfect for small bathrooms or ones that get humid and hot quickly. It’s ideal to have the brick wall with the shower or bathtub where it creates a striking backdrop. Mirrored Walls Mirrors, if used properly, give an illusion of a bigger and spacious bathroom. This is a practical addition as you always need a mirror while getting dressed and it also adds more light to the room. It is also a cost-saving solution because if you add mirrors to an entire wall you would not need to tile it. Built-In Storage or Alcoves Having built-in shelves or alcoves not only look beautiful, but they are also a practical addition for storing items or even a decorative purpose. It makes the bathroom more interesting adds to the scheme. Statement Tiles Bold statement tiles add to the beauty of the bathroom and give it a lavish look. It could be colourful patchwork or textured marble mosaic, there’s everything you want to create a spectacular look in the room. A bold colour or pattern of tiles will make a bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Solid Bathroom Surfaces Having solid surfaces in the bathroom, for example beside the sink for keeping your items while you are using it, are becoming quite popular in the new style bathrooms. It gives practicality and also gives more finish to the overall look. Master Suite Everyone has at least once wished for having a master suite where you can have a dressing area along with an en suite. If your budget and space allow it, this can be an ideal opportunity to have it done. You don’t do renovation every day after all! The dressing area can be semi-detached from the bathroom area to give it a separate look. It will also keep it save from the damp and steam of the bathroom and make it look bigger. Steam Room You can make your shower suite into a multi-purpose steam room by adding some features such as body jets and steam or a tiled seating area. Partial Walls It is a very stylish idea for larger bathrooms. It looks like a luxurious bathroom and adds privacy. Having partial walls means, all the main features of a bathroom, such as a sink, toilet and a shower and bath unit do not necessarily have to be in the same space. If there is room, a partial wall can be added to keep the toilet unit separate from the rest of the bathroom or the shower and bath can be separated. However, it requires space and a lot of planning. Decorative Screen Shower screens and shower panels need not be boring. You can add different patterns and designs to make them look more visually appealing. Children’s Bathroom For families with young children, a simple bathroom can be made more fun by adding colours and features that are attractive to the children. There are lots of choices of colours and designs available for the children’s bathroom. Natural Light Building a new bathroom allows you to introduce natural light into the bathroom if you previously did not have that option. A new window or a sunscreen can be added where possible. Natural light allows the dampness and darkness of the bathroom to disappear and make it more welcoming.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

As we spend a lot of time in our bathroom, this space deserves some decoration fixes. If you are not looking for a bigger impact, and are after something budget-friendly, the least we can do to make this place more pleasant is to do an easy to implement decoration upgrading. See some ideas below! Indoor Plants How about putting in an indoor plant in your bathroom? It could be on the window sill on behind the toilet or anywhere else where there is space for it and would look appropriate. A plant gives the bathroom a fresh and pleasant look and also adds colour to your bathroom. Rugs You can also add a rug in the bathroom. A bold colour rug will make the bathroom more vibrant and colourful. If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, the perfect place for the rug is there. It gives a spa-like feel to your bathroom, is an ideal place for drying up after a bath or shower and gives a great feeling of walking on something soft. Paint a Wall Painting a wall gives a whole new look and feel to the room whilst being a light-on-pocket redecoration idea. You can easily get a tub of paint from any home decoration store. Since it’s a DIY job, you will not have to worry about the hassle of getting your bathroom redone by someone else. Photos Adding a colourful photo to your bathroom will not only add colour but it also gives a fresh and new look to the room. You will be surprised how a small painting will brighten up the room. However, you have to be careful when using a photo for the bathroom, as the room steams up and the moisture can damage the painting. So, consider using one with a glass frame. Space Saving Cupboard If you have too many things lying around your bathroom, you may wish to consider having a space-saving alternative where all your items can go into one place and out of sight. Having a clutter-free and tidy bathroom will also give it a new look. Organizing and shelving will give your bathroom more space and an inviting vibe. Replace Hardware If you are not ready to change the entire bathroom but you still want to give your bathroom a modern look, you can do this by just changing the outdated hardware and fixtures. You can find lots of options in any hardware or DIY store. Having new and elegant fixtures will give your old bathroom a new personality and make it more beautiful. We hope that these bathroom design ideas have opened your eyes to the possibilities and solutions regarding bathroom renovation and designing. These useful tips would have also given you the idea that just because you are limited on space does not mean that you need to compromise on the style or functionality of your bathroom. Ultimately, you need to do what works for you and best suits your requirements. However, there is one important thing to bear in mind, if you are spending lots of money and time on your bathroom, keep it clean and tidy. A modern and stylish bathroom will only look beautiful if it is clean and clutter-free.