Bathroom Installation

How to Plumb in a Toilet

You may be thinking about a new toilet installation for a couple of reasons, whether that be replacing an old one as part of a new bathroom remodelling or because your existing toilet has developed a fault. Most toilet installations are fairly straightforward and can be achieved without the need to employ a professional plumber […]

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What Causes Banging Noises in Plumbing Pipework

Contents Introduction Summary What Causes Banging Noises in Plumbing Pipework? Normal Starting up Process Airlocks Removing Airlocks From Radiators Removing an Airlock From the Central Heating System Loose Fittings Copper Pipes Water Hammer High Water Pressure Blockages and Sludge Build up Conclusion Introduction We have probably all been woken up in the middle of the […]

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Bathroom Paint Ideas

When decorating your bathroom, it can be quite difficult to choose which colours and style you want to go with. Sometimes, changing styles can be quite challenging, especially if it is a big change. Here you can find all that you need to change your bathroom up, with great guidance and good advice, you’ll be […]

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