Central Heating Installations

What Causes Banging Noises in Plumbing Pipework

Contents Introduction Summary What Causes Banging Noises in Plumbing Pipework? Normal Starting up Process Airlocks Removing Airlocks From Radiators Removing an Airlock From the Central Heating System Loose Fittings Copper Pipes Water Hammer High Water Pressure Blockages and Sludge Build up Conclusion Introduction We have probably all been woken up in the middle of the […]

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Airlocks in Central Heating Systems

Introduction Signs and Symptoms of an Airlock What causes an Airlock How can I fix an Airlock Conclusion Introduction This article will hopefully explain the how to identify airlocks within your system by identifying the signs and symptoms and explaining the different types of airlocks. It will describe the common and most probable causes, examine […]

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