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Plumbing equipment is needed more often than most of us realise. Whether you are a tradesman or a DIY enthusiast, plumbing tools always come in handy. It’s for this reason that having aa plumbing supplies box is a must-have item in every household. You never know what you might need! Before starting any DIY job, it’s important to do a bit of research and see what tools you’ll need and where to buy them. The quality of the equipment you invest in will have a big impact on the overall result of your job. Therefore, invest in the right tools for the results that you’re after. Plumbing tools should last a long time if they are of a good standard, which is why buying low-quality tools and materials will save you a mere few pennies compared to the lifetime of the work you’re doing. You may find you need to spend more on repairs in the future, which makes it so crucial to get it right. Here at Perfect Plumbers, we have a wide range of plumbing equipment, from the smallest of tools for every day small job to the more professional equipment that you would require for all your big DIY projects. We make sure all our products are up to the highest standard and they serve the purpose of the job required, helping to bring great results. Plumbing is a very broad term and a lot of things come under the umbrella term of plumbing. The plumbing equipment not just covers the tools required to run some plumbing work but also general items such as treatment products for hard water and water-saving devices are also sometimes categorised as plumbing items.

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DIY Vs Professional Plumbing

Every day, many small household jobs require some sort of plumbing fixing, but you need to make a judgement on whether it is a DIY job that can be done once and for all or you will require professional help to do it for you. If it is a DIY job and you don’t have the tools already, you’ll need to go shopping to purchase the right tools. Sometimes this can cost as much as hiring the professional plumber, so it’s always important to check the costs associated. However, if you think the tool will come in handy again, it’s a wise idea to invest in one that will last you a long time. Another thing to consider is to carefully judge the purpose of the job and see if you can utilise any of the tools that you already have in the house. At times, a simple plumbing job can be accomplished by a general or multi-purpose tool so you don’t need to invest in another one. A multi-purpose tool can be very useful for many small plumbing jobs to help you get the results you’re after. Before getting started, make a judgement on the need and the tools that you already have before buying new ones.

Different Plumbing Tools

There are hundreds of tools used in different types of plumbing jobs whether professional or a day to day home plumbing job. It is difficult to categorise them in a definite type as most of the items are varied and multi-functional. Some tools are great and are found in the toolbox as well as the professionals, with some tools strictly being used by the professionals. As well as this, there are tools which are not categorically plumbing tools but give support or aid a plumber in their job such as protective equipment. We have categorised some tools into basic segments for you, although the list is not exhaustive and one tool can be categorised into many different types. This will help to give you a good general idea about each different category. Everyday Use Plumbing Tools Some of the tools that are often used in plumbing are hammers, pliers, wrenches, chisels, plumbing torch, fire-resistant cloth, safety glasses, plunger and pressure indicator etc. Some of these tools can serve more than one purpose and are used in many household DIY jobs. These tools are well worth the investment as they can be used outside of plumbing jobs, making them a great asset for your toolbox. Some tools, however, are more suited to one particular job, so although they may be great for the job in hand, you may not need to use them again. At this point, you will need to make a judgement on which is the better option out of the two; to hire a professional plumber or to buy the equipment and do the job yourself. Here at Perfect Plumbers, we’re more than happy to provide any advice that we can to help you. We understand the importance of delivering a good job when it comes to plumbing and we’re more than happy to talk through your needs and requirements in good detail! Protective Plumbing Equipment Safety is the number one priority for any job, whether it’s DIY or not. There is certain equipment that will help any plumbing job and provides safety to those who are performing the tasks, keeping them safe. Some of the equipment needed for safety at plumbing jobs, whether by a professional plumber or the homeowner, are gloves, safety goggles, earplugs, knee protectors, head torch, fire-resistant cloth and soldering mat. There may be more that you wish to use, but these are incredibly useful and will keep you safe. Hand-Held Equipment There are some tools or equipment that are small and can be easily carried in one hand. The examples of handheld tools are; tape measure, junior hacksaw, torch, hammer, set of wrench and pliers, Allen Keys, hand auger, plunger, pipe bender, slip-joint pliers, basin wrench and screwdrivers Each equipment is important on its own and serves a different kind of issue, therefore, each one is important in what it does.

Types of Plumbing Equipment

The basic categories of plumbing equipment are broken down by the following:

  • Hand Tools
  • Basic Household Tools
  • Single-Use Materials
  • Power Tools

The basic or everyday plumbing equipment as listed above will solve some of the basic plumbing issues such as unblocking a drain, repairing or replacing a faucet or joining two pipes together. For more complicated plumbing issues, more advanced tools are needed to get the job done. Basic Household Tools Every household has a toolbox somewhere, filled with useful tools for the odd job. They do not require any special technical use and can be easily handled by anyway with basic DIY knowledge. These are tools such as Allen keys, wood chisels, crowbar, a drywall knife, caulking hammer, needle nose pliers, a variety of screwdrivers, set of sockets, adjustable wrenches, ball peen hammer and sledgehammer and more. Amongst these tools, there should also be some safety equipment, such as fire-resistant cloth, earplugs, protective glasses and safety gloves. The best things about these tools is that most of them can be used to complete a variety of jobs. For example, a drywall knife can be used to level the plastering on the wall as well as for accessing the plumbing behind the walls where you cannot reach directly. They go a long way and for the most part, are multi-purpose so there is no need to replace them regularly. They tend to be quite rugged and will happily live in your toolbox for years to come. Single-Use Equipment Single-use equipment means that it cannot be reused for many jobs. Once it is installed or consumed it cannot be retrieved for any other usage. The examples of this type of plumbing equipment are many such as putty, silicone, copper straps, plumbing tape and a variety of nails and screws. Once these things are used, for example, once the silicone or tape is applied to a surface it cannot be taken off to be used somewhere else. Power Tools These are more advanced or technical tools. Most of them require the use of electric or batteries. The examples of this type of plumbing equipment are augers, inspection camera, pipe freezer, welding and cutting machine, hammer drills and drill machines. Although these are easily available at most DIY stores and anyone can buy them for personal use, you may find it easier to get the help of professional plumbers as they are more experienced at handling these tools. Also, you can save a job going all wrong if you hire the services of professionals. We at Perfect Plumbers are highly skilled at handling all plumbing equipment and will be happy to give you a hand at any job you want us for.

Plumbing Equipment For Your DIY Kit

If you have your own DIY or tool kit at home, and you are looking for some plumbing equipment for your kit, that might be helpful for future jobs, you might find these tools worth buying. It is worth buying some tools to keep at home as at times you might find it hard to book a plumber when you need them urgently. Having the right tool at the right time will save you a lot of time and money which will be needed to call in and book a plumber. Most of the common household plumbing issues can be resolved at home by simple tools. Especially if you live in an old house, the leaks and drips are bound to happen every so often which is completely normal. However, if you do not have the right tools or the knowledge to bring them to use at the time, you might end up in a panic over a small problem. We a Perfect Plumbers understand that although a problem may only be minor, it’s still essential to get it fixed sooner rather than later. For this we have a solution for you, you can either hire our services and one of our professional tradesmen will have a look at the job and provide you with the right service, or tackle the job yourself. It’s important to make sure you’ve got all the right tools and equipment to get the job done, so make sure you’re set and ready before you get started! Therefore, we have gathered for you a list of plumbing equipment that will solve most of your plumbing issues such as minor clogs and leaks. We have also explained how each tool can be used and what sort of plumbing issue it is meant to resolve. The best part is, most of these tools are quite affordable too. See the list below! A Toolbox If you haven’t already invested in one, it’s time to do it now. If you have the right box that can carry the weight of the tools then you will not have to worry about carrying your tools one by one from one place to the other. You can buy one at any DIY store, or use any cardboard box or old hold-all bag at home. however, be mindful that it should be strong enough to carry the heavy tools and they should all fit in there. Having everything at one place also means that you don’t have to go looking for the tools at every place when you need them urgently. Safety Goggles Safety comes first. Even if you are doing a small job, it is best to have safety goggles on to protect your eyes from any tiny particles to get into your eyes. These are quite cheap and can be bought for as low as one pound from most DIY stores. Gloves Gloves are also an essential bit of safety equipment and fortunately are usually quite affordable. You will need gloves to protect your hands from harm while doing a plumbing job, whilst also save you from getting grease or dust onto your hands. Earplugs You might want to use earplugs to reduce the noise from loud equipment such as the drill machine or hammers etc. A Hammer A hammer is a multi-purpose tool which can resolve many of your households’ DIY jobs and not just plumbing. It is important to have at least one hammer in a house. It can do many things such as fixing nails and other plumbing issues. Tape Measure No DIY job goes without the use of tape measure. It’s a must-have item for every toolbox and well worth the investment! It is multi-purpose and can resolve many of your non-plumbing jobs too, such as measuring the length of a window if you are planning on buying new curtains. It is equally important for plumbing jobs too, such as if you ever need to measure the length of a pipe that you need to replace. Screw Drivers A set of different sizes and shapes of screwdrivers is also a must-have item for a toolbox. There are different varieties of screw-drivers available such as manual and powered. However, for normal day to day jobs, a manual screw-driver set should serve the purpose. Drill Machine A drill driver or drill machine is a power tool, usually powered by batteries. It has two modes, one where it can be used for screw driving and the other for drilling. Many drill machines have the option of letting you select the speed with which you would like to drill, which affects the force with which you drill a hole or drive the screw to prevent any unnecessary damages. Utility Knife A utility knife or a Stanley knife will serve various DIY jobs such as cutting wood, cardboard or other material such as small pipes and stuff. It usually comes with a short blade which can be put inside when not in use which makes it safe and easy to use the equipment. Always be careful when working with anything sharp and make sure it’s always stored away safely! Propane Torch A propane torch is prominently used for treating copper pipes and fittings, but can also be used for low-temperature welding jobs. As copper pipes are used around the house to transport water, this makes them a great tool in a plumber’s toolbox. Another use is to heat metals so they can bend easily to ensure they properly fit into the place where they should. A self-igniting propane torch can be bought for a few extra pounds, making them much more preferable than manually lighting ones.

Fire-Resistant Cloth This is a special kind of cloth which is treated to protect against fire to the nearby surfaces. It’s used to smother the fire and starve it of oxygen, very quickly extinguishing the flame. If you’re working with flammable equipment and you’re using tools that have flames or high heat, this is something you’ll definitely need. Hacksaw Hacksaw serves several plumbing jobs such as cutting metal pipes, plastic pipes, hardware, screw, nuts and bolts. It is advisable to always have some extra blades at home. if you are working in a tight corner, you can wrap the other end of the saw with a cloth which can then be used as a handle for a tighter gip. Pipe Wrench These are large and heavy-looking wrenches. They are mainly used to tighten or loosen pipes, fittings and nuts. These are adjustable where the upper toothed jaw moves up and down to grip the pipes. A good tip here is to wrap the wrench’s jaws with a cloth to avoid damage on the surface where it is being used.

Basin Wrench This plumbing equipment is also very affordable. It is used to tight or loosen nuts mainly that ones that hold the faucets in place. This special type of wrench is designed to reach the deep space behind the kitchen and bathroom sinks and tighten the nuts where you cannot reach by hand. Perfect Plumbers have a large variety of Basin Wrenches where you can choose from the most suitable one for you at affordable price. Adjustable Wrench Adjustable wrench or spanner is perhaps the most versatile and widely used tool for many DIY jobs. It can be used for a variety of jobs such as tightening of hexagon nuts, compression fittings and other plumbing tasks. It has a movable jaw which allows it to be used for different adjustments, the strong jaws give you a good grip on the objects making it easy to tighten. Water Pump Pliers These kinds of pliers are known by many names such as Tongue and Groove Pliers, Slippy Pliers, Groove-Joint Pliers and Slip-Joint Pliers. These are an essential tool in every plumber’s toolbox. These are helpful when you need to grab, turn, pull or tighten something such as nuts and bolts or irregularly shaped objects. It is also used to holding objects for more stability. Metal File This tool is used to smooth the edges of metal pipes after they have been cut. It can also be used for forming shapes or filing metal objects. Perfect Plumbers have a variety of metal pipes which are suitable for home-usage. Hand Auger It is a drain-clearing tool and is a great tool for any plumber. It is used to clear obstructions from tubs, sinks, showers, drains and toilets and has a long steel cable which can easily reach far to clear the way. It is the most effective tool when even the plunger fails to do its job, allowing you to cut through the most stubborn of blockages in any pipe with ease. We advise that you give them a good clean after you’ve finished using them though! Closet Auger This type of auger is specially designed for unclogging toilets. The long metal cable will reach far into the toilet unblocking any stubborn clogs, which is why it is also known as a toilet auger. It can manoeuvre deep through the drains of the toilet like a snake to remove obstructions. It is made up of a flexible rod with an auger at one end and a handle on the other. Plunger Another great tool for any household is a plunger. This is the go-to item in any home when it comes to unclogging tubs, sinks, showers and drains. It can also be used in the toilet and to do this, you must press deep with force to create a vacuum and pull upwards. A plunger is great if you’ve got a blockage as it helps to pull the blockage backwards through the pipe, helping to loosen the obstruction. Tube Cutter A tube cutter is a hand-held device used for cutting plastic and rubber tubes. It is also efficient at cutting copper pipes. These are available in a variety of different styles, having a sharp blade at the front which cuts through the tubing. When it comes to buying new tools, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to buy all of this at once. A collection of some basic tools is a must the rest can be bought when the need arises. It’s best to save your money and only buy the tools when you need them, as once you’ve done this they’ll be in your toolbox for next time! The good thing is once you have them, they will last a long time and can be used multiple time.

Plumbing Equipment for Professionals

Now that we have learned about the basic tools that people can have at home for day to day small plumbing issues, we can have a look at what sort of equipment professional plumbers use to resolve our plumbing problems and how they are different to the ordinary tools. Professional plumbers like Perfect plumbers have a load of tasks to do such as go into businesses and houses and get into small spaces to check and resolve plumbing issues, beware of health and safety standards as well as keep the customers happy by taking their calls and booking appointments as well as answering any questions that you may have as we get on the job at hand. To do all this perfectly, we at Perfect Plumbers rely on reliable equipment that can serve its job and doesn’t let us down when the time comes.

Some of the tools that every plumber must have are highlighted below. Inspection Camera A drain inspection camera or inspection camera provides a high definition video of the inside of the drains. It lets you see what is causing the blockage, leakages or look for cracks without taking any structure away from the room. It is easy to carry and have self-adjusting camera head with long-life batteries, allowing it to be taken out on jobs without any problem. Hydro Jet Machine It is a high power tool used by professional plumbers for cleaning grease, scum and soap clogs in the sewer lines. The machine uses high-pressure water to unclog the debris which is causing the blockage. Mains Tester A mains tester is used to check if any wires are live. The tip of the tester is applied to a conductor such as a wire, and the water inside the tester gives a small zap to the person using which tells that the wire is live. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt! It is an essential tool in every professional plumber’s tool kit. Soldering Torch This torch is used by professional plumbers to make a watertight seal on copper pipes. These are safer to use than propane torches as they don’t rely on burning gas, making them a popular choice for plumbers. Drain Clearing Machine A flexible shaft is a high-speed machine for cleaning drains and is one of the latest professional plumbing equipment. The machine consists of a flexible cable at the ned of which chain handles are attached. This machine is powered by a wireless drill and is used to clean commercial and domestic pipes in a clean, efficient and quick way. Perfect Plumbers use the most efficient and reliable drain cleaning machines. Metal Detector A metal detector makes plumbing jobs much easier, especially when it involves looking for hidden out of sight metal or steel objects such as valves, cast iron pipes, septic tanks or manhole covers. This is a very efficient tool which saves a lot of time for plumbers which they can utilise on the actual job. at Perfect Plumbers we use the finest quality of metal detectors which help us to locate and identify hidden objects very fast. PEX Plumbing Tools The Cross-Linked Polyethene tools are becoming very popular in the plumbing world recently. The benefit of using these tools is they provide flexibility, good pressure of water at fixtures, ease of installation and all this at a low cost. Another good thing about this is that it doesn’t rust or decompose easily, making it much more long-lasting. This is used in building pipework, heating and cooling systems and insulation for electrical cables. Tube Cutter Every professional plumber has at least a few of them in their toolbox. A tube cutter or pipe cutter is used for cutting copper pipes and is an essential tool for every plumber. The team at Perfect Plumbers always carry a few Tube Cutters in their toolbox.

Mole Grip A Mole Grip helps to take out nuts and bolts that have become rounded over time. It gives a better grip on the nuts and bolts so they can be taken out with ease, making it a lot easier. The locking function in a Mole Grip gives you the option of keeping both hands free as you can lock the object in the way you want while you can reach for other things with free hands. Spirit Level Spirit levels are used to measure the angles and straight lines in different plumbing jobs. For example, to check if the radiator is installed in a straight line a spirit level is used to guarantee it’s installed properly. This is also an important tool for a professional plumber and they always carry one in their toolbox. Radiator Spanner A Radiator Spanner or Radiator Valve Wrench is made of plastic or steel. It is used for taking out radiator vales or making them tighter. It is an important tool to have in a professional plumber’s toolbox, so if you’re a plumber and you haven’t got one, it’s well worth the investment! Radiator Keys This is a small but very useful tool for professional plumbers. It is used to bleed the radiators and to take out trapped air from the inside. This makes the efficiency of the radiator better and keeps the room warmer. Set of Allen Keys Another essential item in a plumber’s bag is a set of Allen keys. You never know when you might need to fix a bolt, and having a set of Allen keys at hand means you can fix any size of bolt with the right key then and there. Stop Tap Key This is used to turn off the main water supply. This is an important tool for plumbers when they visit houses, especially if the job involves pipes, as this helps to prevent any water from flowing through the pipes whilst they’re being worked on. If this isn’t used and the main water supply isn’t turned off, then the whole house could very quickly become filled with water. This is crucial to have for all plumbers. Soldering Mat A soldering mat is a piece of safety equipment and is used when a job requires fire and flames such as while doing pipework. A soldering mat is placed near the fire to protect floorboards, walls or other objects. Its high heat insulation provides a work surface for high temperatures without risking the surface underneath, making it essential for a lot of plumbing jobs. Head Torch A head torch is a very useful tool when it comes to creeping into dark spaces, which every plumber is used to. A head torch will be more useful than a hand-held one as you can get both hands stuck in and look into and resolve the issue such as a leaking pipe. Knee Protectors This is another safety great item for a professional plumber. A knee protector or knee pad is used to avoid injury at work. The plumbing job requires a lot of bending down on your knees and this is where they come in use. A very important and useful tool for professional plumbers, so definitely invest if you haven’t already! Holesaw Kit A holesaw kit is used for cutting through different materials with ease such as plastic, soft metals, plaster, hardwood, softwood and aluminium etc. This tool is specially designed for plumbers as they require a lot of cutting in their jobs, and it’s easy to carry one tool that cuts through anything rather than a different one for each thing. Claw Hammer A claw hammer has one side curved which is used for taking out nails. The other side is used for driving nails into walls or other objects. This equipment is mostly considered a carpentry tool but it is also very important for plumbing jobs. A Bucket Since plumbers deal with a lot of jobs involving water, there is always a chance of flooding whilst on the job. However, every responsible plumber should have a bucket on hand if it’s ever needed to control water flow if required. You may wish to use this to test a pipe is working, and the bucket will allow you to do so without needing to finish the installation. Additionally, it makes for a great carry bag for any loose tools you may have! Immersion Heater Spanner It is used to take out immersions from cylinders or the immersion heating element with removable insulation. It is a small tool which can be easily carried in every professional plumber’s tool kit and can come in incredibly useful.

Common Plumbing Parts

Many common plumbing parts are used in quite a few plumbing jobs. These can be bolts, pipes, valves, washers and seals. These plumbing parts help to make and repair the problems involving plumbing such as repairing a toilet or fixing a radiator, unclogging a drain or fixing a leak in the kitchen tap. Plumbing supplies or parts are needed more often than we think. Having these on hand allows you to easily grab a washer if you ever need it, without the need to pause the job you’re doing and head to your local DIY store. These are only some of the tools used by professional plumbers. As much as each tool is important and aids the plumber in doing their job efficiently, none of the equipment is good just on its own without a perfect technician. At Perfect Plumbers, all our plumbers and technicians are certified and carry each job with professional accuracy, after taking all necessary precautions. A good tool in the hands of an excellent technician will yield the best results and this is what we at Perfect Plumbers are striving to do every day. We pride ourselves on making sure we’ve got all the right tools available and ready for the job at hand. For this reason, we’re able to perform an excellent service without any undue delays. We also make sure that our team are fully equipped for any job at hand so you know that you’ll get an expert with the right kit whenever you need us. We’re dedicated to not only being reliable plumbers for you but being extremely approachable. We want you to feel that you can get in touch with us whenever you need us. Our friendly team will be happy to help you out with any plumbing issue you may have whenever you need us. We know that it’s important to get a job done right when you need us, and we’re proud of the services that we provide. With every visit, we make sure that we’re fully equipped with all the necessary tools plus some extra so you don’t have to supply anything. We look forward to working with you and helping you with any plumbing needs you may have!