Gas Boiler Installation & Boiler Replacement

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Gas Boiler Installation and Boiler Maintenance

As your boiler gets older, it becomes more at risk of experiencing a breakdown. This often happens during the colder months when you need it most due to the fact it’s being used more, and that’s why it tends to give in when you need it most.

To help prevent this, if your boiler is getting to be ten years or older then you may wish to consider a replacement. This will help you to sleep easy, knowing you won’t wake up with cold toes because your boiler has given out.

This is where Perfect Plumbers come in. We’re a team of trustworthy experts, understanding all there is to know about boilers. Because of our expertise, we’re able to provide advice and help you to get the right boiler installation for your home, installing this to a professional standard. We want to make things as easy for you as possible for our clients.

Perfect Plumbers will ensure you to have all the information that you need about getting a new boiler. If you have any questions for us at any point, feel free to get in touch and let us know. We’ll be more than happy to answer them for you!

We guarantee a professional boiler installation.

Our team use a proven boiler installation process to guarantee that your boiler is installed to a high standard. We understand that if your boiler isn’t properly installed it can cause further problems down the line. To prevent this, our boiler installation service is designed to get your new boiler up and running, providing long-lasting benefits.

Our team are leading professionals with the knowledge and expertise to get a new boiler into your home. With many years of experience, we’re able to install a new boiler and get everything set up correctly in a short space of time. All new boilers that we use are trusted brands to ensure that they’ll do the job they’re supposed to. Your new boiler is an investment for your home, and we want it to feel that way.

With us, your new boiler will be properly installed and we’ll make sure that everything is all up and running before we go. We make sure that you’re fully informed of any information you need to know throughout the process, and we make sure that we test the new boiler and make sure that it’s properly installed. We’ll not leave until we’re happy that the job is finished, ensuring you have no difficulties with your new boiler once we’ve gone.

It’s this that set us apart; we want to make sure that you’re happy and that everything is up and running properly before we leave. We want you to be able to put your trust in us that we’ll do an exceptional job, and we’ll make sure that we’re fully satisfied before we’re finished.

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A New Boiler installation brings many benefits to your home.

We’ve made sure that our installation method is perfect for your home. We understand that a new boiler isn’t the most fun purchase, so we want to make sure that it’s as pain-free as possible. Some benefits from our boiler installation are:

  • More energy-efficient home
  • Expertise to complete the job
  • A fast turnaround!

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We make sure that every boiler installation is done correctly. We don’t cut any corners and we make sure that everything is fully working and complete before we’re finished, helping to guarantee long-lasting results from what we do. We want you to have faith in us to get your new boiler installed properly, and we’ll do everything to make sure this happens.

Our installation method helps to keep your home more energy-efficient. Over time, your new boiler will work more effectively than the previous one, helping you to save money. We make sure that anything we install, whether it’s the boiler or the pipes that we put in, is designed to conserve as much energy as possible. This will help you to save money on your heating bills without the need to cut down on your heating, helping you to keep cosy and warm whilst saving money.

We only use boilers from trusted brands. We make sure that when we’re installing a new boiler that the new one is fully trusted and from a reliable brand. This is important as it helps to guarantee that your boiler will work for many years into the future. We’ll make sure that the new boiler is reliable and that it’ll provide your house with plenty of hot water for years to come, helping to save you the worry of whether you choose a good boiler or not.

Because of our knowledge and experience Perfect Plumbers are able to perform a fast turnaround. We understand that your home without any hot water can prevent you from normal things, such as showering or putting the heating on, so we aim to keep any downtime to a minimum for you.

Before any installation, we always assess the current situation to make sure we fully understand what we’re working with . This helps us to prevent any complications and make sure we have all the required tools to avoid any unnecessary delays, getting your household back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team are highly-skilled engineers.

We invest heavily in our team to help them get the right knowledge to provide a great installation service. We make sure that all of our team are highly trained before conducting any tasks and we work closely with our engineers to make sure they have the right expertise for the job in hand.

Our engineers have worked with us closely for many years; they’re highly-skilled and understand the ins and outs of boiler installation. You can trust us to do a great job for you.

Our team are extremely knowledgeable in installing new boilers and performing maintenance on your boiler. We make sure to keep the process as easy as we can for you, keeping you informed of every step along the way so you’re fully informed of what’s going on. If there’s anything that needs your input, we’ll make sure to discuss this with you.

We make sure that we explain things in a way that means you can fully understand what’s happening. We feel this is a vital part of our service, as it helps to make sure that you truly understand what we’re doing and any information that you need to be aware of. We want you to make a properly informed decision, therefore our team help to give you the knowledge so you can.

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We’ve got all the right tools.

The right tools can help elevate the quality of the installation. We make sure that we’ve got the right equipment with us to get your new boiler installed properly and safely.

We strongly believe in investing in the right tools as this brings two benefits for our installation service. Firstly, it will help us to get your new boiler installed properly. The right equipment helps us to properly install your new boiler and ensure that everything is done properly so there’s no risk of any problems once we’re finished. We want the best results once we’ve installed a new boiler, so we ensure that we’re using the right tools to guarantee this. The other benefit is that we’ll get the job done even quicker for you We hope this helps you understand more about what we do but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions

When Do You Fit A New Boiler?

We’ll fit the new boiler at a time that suits you. We make it easy for you and we’ll work to your schedule so you don’t have to cancel any plans. Give us a call and we’ll get something booked in!

What Do I Do If My Boiler Has Stopped Working?

Give us a call, we’re the best people to talk to. We’ve got lots of experience and we understand all the common problems with a boiler so we’ll be able to help you with the next steps.

I’ve Got Some Questions I’d Like To Ask?

Give us a call! We’d be more than happy to talk through any questions you may have. We want you to feel at ease when working with us, so we make sure that we provide all the answers to your questions.

Do I Have To Wait For My Boiler To Break Before I Can Get It Replaced?

No, if you’ve had a boiler for ten or more years then you may wish to get it replaced now. A new boiler will help your central heating to operate as effectively as possible and save you money, so it’s well worth the investment.

Give us a call today and we’ll talk through all the information you need!


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  • Attended an emergency water leakVerified Review
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    Central heating issue fixed at short notice. Cannot fault the professionalism of this company.

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    Water was leaking through the roof into our kitchen, Perfect Plumbers attended within the hour, found and fixed the fault!! Really saved the day. A excellent job

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    The work was done perfectly and Plumber was polite and respectful. Overall a very good experience 🙂
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    The emergency plumber arrived so quickly and worked for three hours none stop to diagnose and fix our issue which is now resolved! Not cheap but well worth the money spent!

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